Rheumatology in the department of pediatrics

High School & Undergraduate Students

We have accommodated high school and undergraduate student in basic science research preceptorships during the summer as well as throughout the school year.  The basic science program has allowed students to learn what goes on in the laboratory and can entail executing a research project. Interested students also have the opportunity to be funded by the Arthritis Foundation during the summer.

Guidelines for such high school and undergraduate students are as follows:

A student intern/trainee is a currently enrolled high school or undergraduate college student who receives academic credit for a course of study or class based on the training received at the School of Medicine under the supervision of a faculty member (or his/her designee).  The training may also prepare the individual to participate in coursework for future academic credit but such training is not related to a current class.  For example, this may be a student who receives training during the summer months, or after school.  Training used to obtain academic credit requires a training plan that outlines expectations from the school and what the student will learn over the course of the training.  A student intern/trainee is unpaid. 

To learn more about these preceptorships and how to apply, please contact the main office.

To learn about the funding opportunities from the Arthritis Foundation, please contact the Programs Coordinator at (800) 464-6240 or (415) 356-1243, and ask about the Summer Science Program.

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